Friday, September 12, 2008

Glad to see you came back!

I am so glad to have met so many good, honest, and supportive friends within the last two days. I really love you guys (saying in a high about to cry voice). 

I'll tell you what! You all are just the types of BFFs I  want to take swim suit shopping. No seriously! Good people that are honest and supportive. Oh, but wait! I forgot the most important thing, 
never take someone thinner than you swimsuit shopping. 

So come along with me, will you help me pick out the perfect bathing suit for next summer? Now give me your honest opinion, which one will flatter me the most?

I've finally found the swimsuits I've been looking for. These are modest and highlight the face rather than the body. Here are my choices.


What? You want your own? Ok here is the website. Only if you get the purple one, please don't plan your Lake Powell trip during the first week of August. How embarrassing would that be if we were seen at the same place and at the same time!


Melissa said...

You crack me up!

The Galan Family said...

She's baaack! Those things are hot! I've gots to get me one of those puppies. You get black, I'll get purple.

t-dizzle lang-sizzle said...

Man those girls just barely missed the SI Swimsuit photo shoot! Some one get me a glass of cold water