Monday, September 1, 2008

First Day of School

Dear Mosby Woods Elementary,
   If you are going to ask me to buy this list of school supplies, then I expect you to turn my child into a freaking genius
Unfortunately this was not the case last year.

Example: The poetry unit.

While my daughter was writing poems like this.


They are fast.
They have tails.
They have big teeth.
We can ride them.

 John Foong was writing poems like this.

The Three Stages of the Earth

The Crust, digging, hot all.
One, hotter on two, and three. Thick molasses
In the air.

At least she's not writing poems like this.


Book Buddy
Book Buddy
I like when he reads to me
Friend's Brother
Friend's Brother
Comes every Friday
Surprised when he doesn't come.

Note the discrepancy? Don't even get me started on math and science.

You're welcome for the school supplies.

Your friend,


staceyscott80 said...

What the heck is a second grader supposed to do with 10-12 glue sticks?

Angela Jensen said...

I don't know but I went to three stores and they were sold out and so I didn't get them thinking that they wouldn't notice, but Lize came home with a note saying that she needs to bring in her gluesticks.

Ashby said...

LOL, the thing that got me was the highlighter.....what 2nd grader needs a highlighter. As a 2nd grade teacher I never even used them.

Oh, and don't forget that those glue sticks need to be LARGE!