Sunday, September 7, 2008

Awww Poor Pete.

I'm not saying I believe in Karma. I'm just tellin'  you that when you buy your second and third bikes within a year of each other, something like this is bound to happen.

The Patriots half ironman, instead of being dominated by Pete, was dominated by hurricane Hannah. 


But Pete didn't let that get 'im down. Instead, he poured himself into his spandex and hot pink cycling shirt (oohh baby) and decided to ride his bike to work as fast as his little legs could pedal him. Too bad a sharp corner and pile of logs had other plans for my man. 

Double Bummer

This is the only pic I have that isn't NSFW (like anyone with a real job sees this blog) but if you'd like to see the real good stuff.....

Hey, Michelangelo--this is what a real man's leg looks like in case you want to know.

Pete, shoulda shaved your hinie too I guess.

Don't let Pete's sisters know he shaves his legs, they are real mean to him and he'd never live it down.


andrea.roche said...
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The Galan Family said...

Ouch! Wow, Pete has gotta be pretty comfortable with himself to allow a picture like that to float the web :)
Looks pretty rough. I'm sure you fixed him right up Ang right after you made fun of him.

Camilla said...
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Carrie said...

I think I remember talking about Peter's love of bikes at our girl's retreat (was that seriously 3 years ago?!) Hadn't you just gotten him a new one back then too? How many can a guy need? Also wondering how YOU feel about the shaved legs...:)

Betsy said...

So you're a middle-aged woman now, huh? Hilarious.

Pete said...

Could you please remove that picture from your blog? It makes me even more uncomfortable than I already am. Seriously.

Camilla said...

Whatever Pete the women love it! Didn't you know since Angela put that pick up hers has become the most looked at blog. So do you have any extra bikes laying around? Jordan wants one. He says he will come pick it up and ride it back to Utah.