Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Alec Baldwin-- the only liberal who totally gets me.

Let the new television season begin!

I am officially ready to ignore kids, and turn on the TV!

And can I just say that I liked 30 Rock before it was cool to like 30 rock? 

And I have always loved Alec Baldwin-- that's right I said always.

You guessed it. When Baldwin left a nasty message on his daughter's cell phone, I was totally on his side.

Now I don't know the personal details of what is going on in his family. And I don't know what kind of a person Kim Basinger is (I have a pretty good guess though) But I'll tell you what I do know, Ok, well I'll tell you two things I do know. 

1. Divorces are messy and they totally distort the appearance of things.

2. I know what teenagers are like.

Come on. Don't try to tell me that Ireland Baldwin and I are the only people on the planet who have been called rude thoughtless little pigs. And if you have truly never been called that, then you are definitely lying if you try to tell me that you've never acted like one.
The nerve of a teen's parents to pick them up two minutes late from cheer practice, or show up two minutes early for that matter. And what's up with them bringing Dominoes when we specifically requested Papa Johns? Who was it that said to be adolescent is to live the life of a delusional child star? Bingo!
In my adolescence, I could only get away with about two minutes of diva-itis before being screamed at in the car, in private. Catharsis at every stoplight! And that was like 100 years ago. So what, you can't even yell at kids anymore? What if it's the only way stop their petulant little thumbs from texting?
I'm with ya Alec, can't wait to see you again.


Carrie said...

Amen and amen. I think I fell in love with 30 Rock during the first 10 minutes of the very first episode--so funny and Alec is a gem in it. Can't wait for season premieres!

And weren't we ALL lame teens? How does anyone forget that? It's how we learn how to raise them in the future!

The Galan Family said...

Love 30 Rock too! But I have to admit Perry loved it first and then got me into it. I love your blog, you seriously crack me up.

Spencer said...

Thirty Rock is ok, but he was a God in The Departed.