Saturday, August 23, 2008

Y'all Come Back Nah

Man, I really wish that I had had my camera ready at all times this week. Here's what I missed gettin' 

  • A red Corvette that said "teen dream" (dern, ah missed iet)
  • The horrified looks on my kids faces (before they burst into laughter) when  a sweet 'lil Southern girl tried to make friends. "Mom why is she talking like that?" Shea mumbled out of the corner of her mouth. My kids all get speech therapy at school so if they notice the English language being mutilated....
  • The 500 Family Dollar stores I drove past. Seriously, are they just dollar stores? If you have ever thought to yourself, "I wish there were more dollar stores in the area." I want to hate you because you are lame and buy junk, but I also sorta like you because that means that you don't live in a crappy part of town.
  • The hash I tried tonight. Mah daddy wuz bawn in Geogia, so I thought that I had tasted all artery clogging Southern food, but I had never seen this before. It looks like brown vomit over a bed of rice and it was made from unknown vegetables, unknown meat and unknown spices pureed all together.  Oh I still finished it. All of it.
  • Me drooling every time I saw a Waffle House which happened almost  as often as I saw the Family Dollar. Every time  you walk through the doors of a Waffle House your chances of getting food poisoning are about 50/50. If you get it-- too bad for you. If you don't-- mmmmm boy. I recommend the nicotine flavored pecan waffles.
  • The breathtaking historic plantation homes- that I caught a glimpse of in either Georgia or South Carolina. Sooo pretty.
  • Some guys making moonshine in a massive steaming pot in a trailer park, when I took a wrong turn somewhere in Georgia or South Carolina. Sooo awesome.   
Instead, all I got was a bunch of pictures of me and my lame friends, I am missing one tooth though so I guess I did get to capture a little bit of the South. 


KimJensen said...

I have to admit, first time looking at your blog and I'm loving it. Keep posting so when I need a little pick-me-up, I know where to turn!

The Galan Family said...

So you tried the hash! Pretty disgusting huh? I mean it doesn't taste all that bad as long as you don't look directly at what you're eating. I also can't handle the texture. Still skeptical about those Waffles Houses. I may try it one day. Anyway, so glad you came. It was great to see you and my kids had a blast with your kids.
Love, your lame friend Sarah :)

Betsy said...

How come you keep talking about your lost tooth? It's been in 2 entries now. The first time I thought you were I'm a little worried.

Ashby said...

this has officially become my most favorite blog. I was laughing so hard this afternoon after stacey introduced me to it. Why haven't I seen it before?'s hilarious. I will be checking back often!

Angela Jensen said...

Oh, I'm full on missing teeth, when was the last time you saw me?