Tuesday, August 12, 2008

That last post was really lame-O

Um, excuse me, Angela is it? Are you trying to tell me that you spend several hours in Baltimore over the weekend and all you came home with was that stupid picture of a kid on a leash?

I know, right!

Not only was I in B-town, which is like crack-head USA but there happened to be a huge anime(that's japanimation for those of you living in the mid 90's) conference going on.

So instead of making fun of some lame kid with a monkey on his back (see below) I should have been sharing gems like this.


or this perhaps?

I would post a picture of a crackhead but that isn't funny that's sad. Well I guess it's kinda funny, silly crackhead, don't you know that you live in America where anyone who wants a job can have one? 
But if you think about it, grown adults dressing up as Japanese cartoon characters and going out in public-- well that's sad too.

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Spencer said...

This blog is good enough, that I am starting to doubt Mr. Hitchens.