Sunday, August 10, 2008

Too Easy

Just a little pic to make you feel better about yourself as a mom.

Seriously. The primary emotion that motherhood evokes-- what is it?

Nooo it's not love

It's guilt.

Even if you are a perfect mother, there is way too much to feel guilty about. I am one of the worse moms I know so buhlieve me, I know about guilt. 

That's why when you see a kid on a leash (now be honest) you feel a little bit less guilty because  you can say to yourself, "at least I don't do that.

I mean sure I let my two year old lick my razor. (he had to learn sooner or later)

I'll admit I went a little overboard when I lost my temper and threw away their Easter candy on Easter afternoon. (but jeez they popped my air mattress.)

And I may have been a little selfish when I left my 4 pinkeye infected kids at the gym childcare to "play" with 75 of their "friends". (Sorry Stacey, Lacy, Lisa, Mary, Angela M. Becky, Alyson)

But I can sleep at night feeling ok about myself because at least I don't leash up my babies.

Thanks Em, for pretending to pose for the pic.


Pete said...

It's not the kid that's leashed. It's the monkey.

Camilla said...

someone needs to put a monkey on Peter. I got your email.

The Galan Family said...

Okay Angela, I am peeing my pants at our post because.....I have that leash! Except it's not the monkey, it's a puppy dog. It's a puppy dog backpack and the tail is the leash. Come on, it's better than the actual harness around the chest! Question: Do you snap shots of random people on a regular basis? Cool.

The Galan Family said...

Wait.....Hello, when are you going to call me? I emailed you my number! What is up?