Thursday, August 14, 2008

If My My Kids Were Chinese, They Would Be an Embarrassment to Their Country

Don't you just love the Olympics? I mean I reeeely reeely heart the Olympics. 


Don't stop reading. That wasn't what I came to say. I just wanted to show you this

Remember that adorable little Chinese girl (Lin Maioke) with the sweet little voice that sang the song "Ode to the Motherland" and flew through the air with the greatest of ease?

Turns out real singer was the voice of another girl (Yang Peiyi) who had won a "grueling music compeition" to perform in the ceremony. Too bad for her she had well,  buck teeth. So those Chinese people yanked her the night before the show and replaced her with a much prettier girl. 

I for one am glad. I mean has anyone ever introduced you to their kids and you have to physically control yourself from not making a John Lovitz noise (eeeeeuuughaye)? I hate it when that happens and I certainly don't want that feeling when I am watching the Opening Ceremony of the olympics. 

I have decided that my formula for the best TV Olympic experience is this: watch the Opening Ceremony, watch all of Michael Phelps' events, throw in a little triathlon and track, don't let your husband watch women's beach volleyball, and most important avoid women's water polo at all costs.

p.s. The fireworks were fake too.

edit: Just want to make it clear that the picture at the top isn't a racist thing, it's just a reference to the newest scandal. What's up with Europeans being rude to other cultures yo? And I'm not just talking about the Olympics. 


The Thornley's said...

Angela-good to see you in the blogging world. Your blog's a crack up by the way. Love it! I think you would enjoy this blog-
Satire's a hoot-I am just not clever enough to come up with the stuff. My blog is BORING in comparison, but we can't all be brilliantly sarcastic!!!

Carrie said...

Heidi B--just read down a few entries and you will find Ang's deeply rooted connection to seriouslysoblessed...

Anyway--I couldn't agree more with your "best olympic viewing" formula. I'd add in the female gymnastics because I would have loved to have been a gymnast in another life. But also--this year USA and China keep battling it out to the end and I am a sucker for the drama (I keep staying up way too late to see who wins gold) And women's water polo looks just like men's--creepy.

The Thornley's said...

My bad....seems like you are already in the loop with that one! ;)