Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I thought you were my friends!

Why didn't anyone tell me The Hills was starting up again? 

Don't tell my husband I watch it because (poor guy) he still thinks that I am a reasonably intelligent person, a great mom, and an overall contributing member of society. Ha Ha! Joke's on him, because he doesn't know that I sneak down stairs in the middle of the night every Monday to turn on the TV, watch about 17 minutes of torture, and in so doing secure my place in Hell.

Here we go with another six months of self-loathing because I can't stop watching this crap. Trust me I want to.

I won't tell you The Hills is fake because that is like the most unoriginal comment ev-ah! You probably came to that conclusion the same way I did. The camera angles are perfection, the make-up is flawless, there is never a blubbering drunk moment, they are in every hot club in LA (trust me I know a cool LA club scene when I see one).

I spend hours thinking about The Hills.
I spend days thinking about The Hills.  
And I am a stupider and meaner person because of it.
However I would like to point out a few things.

1. Jen Bunny is the dumbest name ever invented. 
2. Audrina is the worst actor ever and possibly borderline retarded.
3. Spencer is a robot.

None of this is news but think about this. Who are these writers? They must be barely literate. I mean who writes for Spencer? "I can't make you un- my sister."

Ok I'm bored, I think Joel sums it up best. 


The Galan Family said...

Didn't I tell you?? We were just talking about our loser obsession with this show! Seriously I can't stop watching either. What is wrong with us? I think I just have pent up anger and there are some people I just love to hate. Maybe that's why. Even Lauren is starting to bug. I used to like only her, but you're right it is so staged and fake. But it still sucks me in! Ahhh! See you in hell Ang.

Lydia said...

Hell will be in a Scruggs reunion. The girls will be there due to the Hills, the boys will be there for a long list of reasons. Oh and I think David will be there due to the Hills too.

Betsy said...

I'm guilty, too. It's funny how one person admits it and then to see who else confesses. Since we're on the subject...Lo is such a brat.

OK...speaking of confessions...let me confess my sins right now, right on your blog...One Tree Hill (talk about bad acting), Army Wives, the Hills, and...Gossip Girl. I'll be adding the new 90210 to this list next week. Honestly, since the beginning of the big "D", I've had some extra time on my hands while at home...hmmmmm. Thanks MTV and CW. Now I have to subscribe to DISH my whole life!!! Pathetic.

Carrie said...

OK--I have never seen the show (isn't that kind of a loser alert??) but I did see many Laguna Beach episodes so I know how addicting it can get. When is it on? because I can always start TiVoing it--and thus become a huge fan...