Monday, August 25, 2008

Again, just to make you feel better about your sahweet life.

How's about I share some pics of the men in my life?

Here's one of my favorite son.... 

right before he whacked his dad in the crotch with a toy gun. Well what would you do if you found out it didn't shoot?

Here's one of my favorite cousin... 

right before he ran over an 'ol lady in hall with my grandma's motorized wheelchair. All my other cousins are big loosers... you think I'm kidding?

And here's a picture of my favorite brother-in-law. 

I know.

And I think I should mention that he had this shirt custom made. Like I said--- sahweeet.


Lydia said...

I think you left out some guys in your life. We do have 3 brothers....and at least two of them belong in this post.

Angela Jensen said...

I have a husband and a dad too, but I couldn't find any lame pictures of them